How our customized designs work with high-grade materials.

We believe that customer satisfaction should always be our priority. We love what we do and so do our customers. Our professional team has over 40 years of sign production and application experience combined.

We only use top grade films by vinyl manufacturers like 3M and Avery, and we do not cut corners to lower prices. For years we have relied on customer satisfaction which provides referrals for future business. Our goal starts with bringing your budget and vision together without compromise or cutting corners.

We specialize in start-ups, as well as, small to medium size companies. So, if your goal is giving your business a professional appearance at an affordable rate, then you’re at the right place! When you choose, It’s A Wrap, then you are choosing quality, and we stand behind it. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

If you have a vision for your business, then we can make it happen! These are just a few of the many services we offer:


Brand your commercial vehicle with a vinyl wrap and take your marketing to the next level. Vividly display your vehicle or fleet with custom graphics and images. Full wraps, partial wraps, window wraps & more. We handle all sized projects from single commercial vehicle to fleet applications.


Color change vehicle wraps are a great way to change the color and texture of your auto or boat, while also protecting the paint. These wraps are durable, easy to remove and offer a more affordable alternative to paint. There are several film colors and textures to choose from: snakeskin, metallic, chrome, carbon fiber, pearlescent, velvet, satin, matte, and more.


With high-quality printers we can vividly display digitally designed artwork on your car, truck, boat, motorcycle and more. Use your own design or work with our graphic design team to create a one of a kind graphic for your vehicle. Whether you are looking for racing stripes, unique designs, or any type of custom graphic, we can work with you.


We use urethane protective film that, once applied, is virtually clear and almost indistinguishable from the original finish. It comes with a clear acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) on one side that adheres easily and securely to automotive paint systems, helping to shield the surface beneath from damage.


Color match your wheels to your vehicle to build brand cohesiveness or add character to your vehicle. Only high quality, durable materials are used on your wheels, so be sure to choose your perfect fit today.


Rather than using ineffective solvents — or spending big on new headlight lenses — you can allow us to restore your headlights back to their prime. We work to remove scratches, dirt, and oxidation that can appear on your lenses, that lower your vehicle’s value and reduce safe driving visibility. Or, we can finish and refine your lenses to remove discoloration that can cause your headlights, tail lights, fog and directional lights to appear cloudy and yellow — for a fraction of the cost and time of buying and installing new lenses.


Change the color of the interior of your vehicle to your personal style. Only high quality, durable materials are used on your interior, so be sure to choose your perfect fit today.


Tinting that rejects more heat without changing the look of your vehicle. Our light tint rejects up to 60% of solar energy and up to 97% of heat-producing infrared rays for maximal comfort. Designed to enhance your view by allowing visible light into your vehicle while keeping heat out, so you can see clearly and safely.